Terms of participation of GDA program

1. The participant, hereby called GDA, shall assured that he is an entrepreneur within the meaning of the local law of his country and shall deposit his credit line according to mutually agreed upon and contractual terms of the credit line, at GD.

2. This program has no membership fees nor monthly or annual subscription fees. The creditline amount is a private loan and shall not be considered as an investment of any kind. The GDA also declares that the provided sum (his credit line) is within the income level of the GDA.The amount of the loan shall be issued to the company in the form of paying out loan funds in Centrauri Coin.

3. The GDA will receive compensation for his participation, as specified in the compensation section below.

4. Any credit line shall be valid and applicable for 100 working days only (“working days” defined as Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and legal holidays).  The credit line shall become effective and begin to yield from the day made available to the company (on average 3 business days from transfer. “Business days” as herein used refers to ordinary banking days and not business days GDs activity.

5. Withdrawing the profit shall be made via alphawallet and only in Centauri Coin.

6. The cumulative daily earnings may be withdrawn one any day of each calendar month or may be transferred by the GDA as a supplement to the credit line.

7. All payments on the credit line and withdrawals are in Centauri Coin only.

8. GD shall use the credit line funds for business investments at its discretion, and the GDA shall not be part of the decision making. The GDA accept the contractual terms relevant to the establishment of this credit line.

9. The GDA informs and declares that this agreement is only valid in case he is over 18 years old.

10. The GDA declares and warrants that the origin of the funds for the creditline did not and does not originate from any criminal and / or illegal action(s), and does not violate any applicable laws concerning the International Money Laundering Prohibition Laws,  and any support of terrorist organizations whatsoever.

11. All the Company’s operations shall be done under a proper transaction permit of the applicable jurisdictions. (This section is valid only for GDAs countries obligated by the laws of their religion).

The compensation:

12. The “Compensation”

Any compensation specified below, is valid for 100 days only, as specified in Section 4

13. Upon the initial entering to the site, each GDA will decide if he withdraws only each day’s Earnings or the Profits + the Fund.

14. Any marketing done by the GDA will be compensated for solely by his/her normal proceeds under the Compensation Plan.

15. Upgrading and joining bank profits:

A GDA can upgrade the amount of his credit line to a larger amount at any given time even in mid-cycle.  In form of a new deposit of Centauri Coin or from his profits on the site.

16. The upgraded amount shall be calculated in the amount of the profit rate by the end of the current 100 day cycle and not as a new deposit within 100 days of itself.

17. A GDA can add a new participant (new GDA) from his “alphawallet only” through his wallet. Alternatively, he/she may do so by contacting the company directly.

18. The maximum amount distributed from each daily deposit is 1.9% however it is known from company’s prior experience that very few GDA’s use the benefits of the program to the fullest. Most of them instead decide to take their profit on their ‘deposit’ only. Neverthess, we would like to remind all GDA’s that this program is the only one worldwide that offers a real affiliate program in which even in the case all of the participants decide to take full advatage of all compensation options the company can still continue to reward its members.)

19. Any credt line is valid for 100 days only, a period known as a “Business Cycle”.

20. Each GDA is responsible for his own ID number. This is important for the purpose of ensuring proper registration. Without his/her number the registration cannot be completed and the new enrollee cannot be properly place in his/her personal collective pool.

21. Upon the completion of registration the GDA is placed on the GC and must make a coin transfer of the deposit amount of his/her choice within 10 days to the alphawallet of the company. During this time and until the reference number of the coin transfer made by the GDA through the company site is received and approved by the Company, his/her location on the GC is maintained and all the other GDA’s joining after him shall be positioned under him on the GC.

In case the coin transfer is not sent and processed within 10 days, his location is deleted. If and when his coin transfer is later received, his location shall be at the bottom of the GC, subordinated to all others at the next available position.

22. News, announcements, and important updates shall be posted from time to time on the Company’s newsletter  and as soon as they are released they shall be deemed as if acknowledged by all GDAs.

23. Various language support by E-Mail shall be made as needed according to the growth of the company worldwide. Anyway this webpage will only be available in English and no other language.

24. The GDA amount shall be transferred in Centauri Coin (only) to the company’s alphawallet as specified in the document pertaining to ‘payment details’ of the company’s site.

26. Each GDA shall be allowed to purchase only one position in his name, or become a member in the QSP  and must accept the T&C, CToC of GD, and CoE of the WfDSA.

27. The company reserves the right to terminate any GDA whose actions (as interpreted solely by the company) cause any damage to the company’s activities, image, publicity, or business.

29. Any change in the program shall be made for the benefit of the GDAs. In addition the Company shall, from time to time and at its discretion, announce one-time bonuses, in addition to those in the program.

30. Changing ownership of a specific GDA position shall bear a one time fee of $299.

31. The publishing of earnings and the manner in which they are published by any GDA shall be governed by the laws of the country in which that GDA resides.