Compensation Plan

GD (Global Dynamic) is investing in different markets. Our main focus is the cryptocurrency market, and buying and selling in the capital market in short time (scalping). This is sometimes referred to as ‘day trading’.

These activities create exception ROI’s (Return on Investment) and profits for our company. We always are looking for people who believe in our knowledge. Everybody can provide us CENTAURI COIN (hereby called as coin). On a later stage we may accept other coins like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.

We only offer b2b business activities, so any GDA assured that he is an entrepreneur in terms of the local law in his country.

All returns specified below are calculated in 100 day cycles known as ‘business cycles’ (Monday through Friday, except for some international holidays).

When one business cycle ends, another one starts but this automatic process causes no disruption in the continued compensation of those who choose to take part in subsequent rounds. There is never a downgrade.

All GDA chooses their initial entrance level (beyound certain practical minimums specified on our website) and will earn profits and if they also choose to become a part of our affiliate program, they also earn commissions.

The key position is to become an Achiever. You are an Achiever if you have accumulated coins in a minimum personal credit line with an amount of 1,000 USD. Company is not accepting money. We believe in the cryptocurrency market, so we only accept coins.

Until you become an Achiever you will be only rewarded with FIRST BONUS and for your personal recruiting in the form of a matching bonus of 0.05% per day. This matching bonus is calculated for each 100 business days (Monday to Friday) but is paid as a Daily bonus (for an example 5% per 100 days will be paid daily as 0.05% and so on).

To view the Compensation Plan in detail – please download our comprehensive PDF here